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A view from the hills.

To deify,

To glorify,

To magnify,

Your power.

Standing high,

Watching Worcestershire wind by

My hilltop solitude,

My soul will sigh

A heartfelt prayful cry

Of gratitude.

Thank you for the view out there.

Thank you for the time to bear

The beauty of this hour.

Thank you for the moments where

I know your love and Godly care

And feel your mighty power.

To deify,

To glorify,

To magnify,

Your power.  

Joseph cry

The plane is not cutting today.

With the mallet on wood

Hard work felt so good.

I’d strive if I could,

I know that I should,

But my world is not with me today.

How easy and special it seemed.

“I love you” she said

“Late spring we’ll be wed”

Stay together till dead.

Oh, that voice in my head,

“I’m pregnant! I’m pregnant” she screamed.

I have to decide what to do.

So what can I say

If I see her today?

To go or to stay?

To send her away?

I can still hear her say ‘I love you.’

Then, while asleep in my bed,

In the dark of the night

I feel His great might.

I know what is right,

In His Godly sight,

And I’m given the words to be said.

The plane’s cutting smoothly today.

With planks flat and wide

And my girl at my side

A round healthy bride

Oh, the times that we cried…

But my world is so peaceful today.

Francis Charters

I can be described in many ways.  I write, prose and poetry and educational materials.  I teach on some days and ride a large motorcycle on others. I am a father to two wonderful grown up children.  I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world and I am a Christian.

These things that I am are not put in order of priority but

many of you will find evidence of them in my writing.

Below you will find one of my couple of my poems.  More will follow on this site.  

All the best  F