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Important drinks during lockdown.

You write of coffee and she writes ‘bout tea

As you sit patiently, letting the lockdown be.

But, we need an anthem about a drink that is soothing

That will calm all frustrations and keeps innards moving

That boosts the convivial, and helps lonely lovers

That aids the performance when you sneak under covers,

That powers the poet, and lubricates singers

That damages drivers and inspires bell ringers,

It’s brewed by a brewery, and pumped into barrels

T’was drunk in the old days with fine Christmas carols

You say what you like, but what could be bolder

‘cos ‘beauty in in the eye of the beer holder.’

The lockdown.

When the long lockdown is over,

The start of a brave new day

I will scream in my dream and start making schemes

As some of my poems say.

I will walk on the beach and have children to teach

Have picnics of pork in the park

Go shopping each day, take a short holiday

And go out for a drink in the dark.

Claire can shop each day, while I’m far away

Riding the roads for a lark.

So come with me now and let us explore

The possible point of our being,

As we stroll hand in hand on the edge of the sand

And smile at the sights we are seeing.

Let us know we are free, just my girl and me,

And our freedom’s a state of the mind

After weeks of subsistence and fair social distance

Let’s shake hands with neighbours we find.

And with all we have learned, if the virus returned

Let’s not curse as prison bars fall,

Let’s remember how sweet it was to meet in the street,

Let’s remember how sweet, that’s all.

Francis Charters